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What Our New Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Houtz Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in health,
Dr. Derek Houtz

So Friendly and Happy

Karen is awesome! So friendly and happy on the phone and in person. She was very helpful working with me to find a time that suited my schedule. Love her. And Derek is just as great. So happy I finally made the decision to come see him. I have all the faith in the world he can help me.
Robin S.

Gentle and Kindest Doctors

Dr Houtz and Karen are both wonderful! Dr Houtz is one of the most gentle spoken and kindest doctors I have ever seen. Very compassionate and great at explaining the process and my plan of care. I am very impressed. I highly recommend him! He really cares and you can tell.
Jessica S.

Very Professional

Karen the receptionist was very friendly and professional! The office was very neat and clean and inviting! Dr Houtz is very professional and yet down to earth, I felt very relaxed with him! He didn’t talk over my head I understood everything he was explaining to me! Very happy with my visit!
Nicki B.

10/10 Recommend to Everyone

Dr. Houtz was very thorough and explained everything to me! He took the time to do testing and imaging to be sure he knew where my problems were. The office was so clean and beautiful! 10/10 recommend Dr. Houtz to everyone!
Synterse Y.

Very Warm and Welcoming

Dr. Houtz and Karen are very warm and welcoming and make you feel very comfortable throughout the whole appointment. Dr. Houtz does a great job listening and explaining the testing and results and talks you through the treatment. I feel confident that Dr. Houtz will do all he can to help improve my symptoms.
Sherrie M.

Extremely Pleasant

The visit was very informative, extremely pleasant, and overall encouraging for my return appointment.
Jan H. (Feb 16/18)

Very Impressed

This was my first visit with Dr.Houtz and I was very impressed overall in terms of his knowledge,the tests carried out and the treatment plan that was proposed for me.
Nikhil K. (Oct 18/17)

Very Accommodating

I greatly appreciate the staff taking into account my scheduling needs and accommodating me so quickly!
Leslie F. (Oct 3/16)

Appreciated Explanation

I appreciated having things well explained before I experienced them for the first time. Staff made me feel very welcome.

Scott A. (Aug 24/16)

Very much at Ease

My first ever chiropractic experience was a pleasant one! I was not sure what to expect but was put very much at ease.

Louise W. (June 23/16)

Wonderful Experience

My first visit was a wonderful experience. Everything about it was perfect.

Marilyn E. (May 23/16)

Very Thorough

Dr. Houtz was very thorough in his explanations. He made me feel very comfortable and was easy to talk to. My first experience was awesome!

Emily B. (May 9/16)

So Glad I Made The Decision

It was everything and more of what I expected! So glad I made the decision to go! Anxious to continue treatments and forget what it ever felt like to have the pain and discomfort that I’ve had.

Dara R. (November 23/15)


Dr. Houtz and Karen are wonderful!

Mike D. (August 29/15)


I was more than impressed from my first contact with Karen to my consult with Dr. Houtz. Karen was wonderful and accommodating in getting me scheduled. Dr. Houtz was very professional and I was quite impressed with his knowledge. His testing capabilities were high tech in diagnosing the problematic areas of my spine. The adjustment he did, even on the first visit, helped my pain. I highly recommend Dr. Houtz practice!

Michelle E. (Nov 14/14)


Amazing! I was truly impressed with Dr. Houtz’s knowledge and how everything he explained to me about my problems related to exactly what has been happening to me. I felt confident when he took the time to test my nerves and muscles and then took x-rays. I am very hopeful he can correct my problems.

Lynne C (Dec 20/13)

Information Given To Help Me

Dr. Houtz gave me a lot of information about what he was going to do to help me.

Miranda M (Aug 27/13)

Feeling Optimistic

I feel more optimistic now than before I came. Would like my wife and I to be able to come together around same times each visit.

Barnard G (Aug 26/13)

Looking Forward To Better Health

Thank you for your time, I am looking forward to better health. I was comfortable with the communication and care given.

Samantha P (July 5/13)

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